The Defense Innovation Lab is a collaboration platform designed to bring together experts in government acquisition, emerging technology, and private investment to drive technology adoption in Government. By leveraging our growing network of partners, promotion of divergent thought, and technical facilitation, our goal is to bring the right minds and resources together to solve challenging problems.


aCQUISITION strategy & Planning

  • Design Thinking Sprints

  • Reverse Industry Days

  • Tech Demos, Trade Shows & Prize Competitions

Integrating new technology into DoD Programs is not easy. It requires a new, creative approach to the rigid doctrine of traditional FAR-based acquisitions. DiLAB’s in house Acquisition expertise in both traditional (FAR & DoD 5000.2) and innovative approaches (OTA & MTA) helps program office’s optimize their Acquisition Strategies. Program Office’s leverage DiLAB’s experience to determine the right mix of strategies that will buy down risk and set program offices up for position for success.


Prototype & Iterate

  • On-site light manufacturing facility

  • Entrepreneur in Residence Program

  • Development & Operational Testing Resources

Test the initial appeal and usage of a potential new product by simulating its core experience with the smallest possible investment of time and money. DiLAB runs these sprints on a rolling basis as Government Program Office’s bring their capability gaps forward to understand what’s in the realm of the possible to solve their toughest challenges.


BUILD: scale to programs of record

  • Established Channels into Programs

  • Network of Major Program Managers

  • Strategic Scaling Capabilities

Leverage DiLAB’s network and expertise to integrate successful prototypes into the platforms our warfighters rely on for sustained advantage.